We make machines use visual data as information

We deliver production-ready Computer Vision solutions effectively and efficiently by combining data synthesis, advanced AI models, and hardware.


Solution building blocks

We use our pre-build deep learning models, which we can adapt to your specific case. See what information can you get with solution building blocks.

Detects any piece of clothing or equipment that a person is carrying, like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or tools.

Monitors a scene for smoke and fire and detects them early. It works for both open and closed areas.

Monitors people and their behavior in the production process or takes care of safety.

Automates the quality control procedures.
Monitors products and technological processes.

Analyzes customer behavior in stores, traffic jams in cities, people traffic during mass events or process control in logistics.

Discovers video stream tampering, covering objects, escape routes or objects left in a wrong place.


Data synthesis

We are data-centric. A high-quality, big video data set is fundamental for preparing a working Computer Vision solution. We use many techniques to get it. We augment natural and artificial data to extend and balance it. We apply automatic labeling. And finally, we synthesize data with Unreal Engine, a 3D gaming engine. Results?

  • perfectly balanced big data sets
  • automatic labeling
  • digital twin of your environment
  • unlimited use cases
  • GDPR limitation free



You can install and test our ready-to-use application with Azena.


Can’t you see a ready-made solution for yourself among our applications? Our application does not match your specific requirements? Or maybe you need to run it on a different platform?

We will build it for you!


Adaptive Visual Perception

We use our proprietary multi-stage interference framework inspired by human’s adaptive visual perception. It uses digital or optical zoom to deepen the analysis of essential video stream areas.
The Adaptive Visual Perception increases the quality and performance of our models, which is crucial for edge devices with limited resources.


Hardware deployment and integrations

We deliver solutions on edge devices with Azena OS and Noctuai AI Box. Our models are optimized for Nvidia and Qualcomm stack.
Our solutions are also adapted to run in the MS Azure Cloud.
Regardless of a runtime environment, you can configure their performance parameters and notifications and integrate them easily with your systems.

Contact us if you need any custom integration!


Here is a list of our partners.

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